• Pilsner or light barley-malt wit 3 EBC
  • Münchner or dark barley-malt with 25 EBC
  • Wheat malt light
  • Melanoidinmalt

Production of barley- and wheat malt

  • in the conventional way
  • conventional malts with defined origin
  • for the integrated, controlled growing after the directions of the „Landeskuratoriums für pflanzliche Erzeugung in Bayern e.V.“
  • These malts are specially produced for breweries to get the title: „Qualität aus Bayern -- garantierte Herkunft.“ This means: Quality from Bavaria -- guaranteed origin.
  • organic malts after the Naturland-directions

Gehandelt werden alle weiteren Spezialmalze wie:

  • Caramel barley malt light
  • Caramel barley malt dark
  • Chocolate barley malt
  • Chocolate wheat malt
  • Wheat malt dark
  • Rye malt
  • Acidulated malt
  • Smoked malt
  • Roasted malt beer

You get all kinds of malt in bulk or sacked in lend-, one-way-sacks or Big Bags, in Container-Inlett.