About Us - Our tradition

Our Malt House, Rhön-Malz GmbH, named after the nearby low mountain range the Rhön, is located in the northernmost district of Franconia in rural Bavaria. Situated directly between Stuttgart and Berlin, Rhön-Grabfeld’s home city, Mellrichstadt, lies in the centre of Europe, within easy reach of Germany’s Autobahn A 71.

Our companys name founded from the close mountain range „Rhön“, with it’s highest point: the „Wasserkuppe“ with 990 m above sealevel.

The Malt House lays in one of the best known barley cultivating areas of Germany, in lower-franconia, close to the bisosphere reservation „Rhön“. A further large cultivation area lies in direct neighborhood: Thuringia. As a result, our raw material supply is secured in the best possible way. The present owners, the family Lang, malt and brew beer for 300 years, now in tenth generation.

Brewer- and Malter-Tradition:

Ernst Jakob Lang, beerbrewer, 1682 in Haina
Johann Georg Lang, beerbrewer, 1701 in Haina
Conrad Lang, Buettner and beerbrewer, 1750 in Waltershausen
Johann C. Lang, Buettner and beerbrewer, 1789 in Waltershausen
Daniel Lang, brewery owner, 1822 in Waltershausen
Adolf Lang, brewery owner, 1852 in Waltershausen
Ernst Lang, brewery owner, 1883 in Waltershausen
Fritz Lang, brewery owner, 1915 in Waltershausen
Kurt Lang, malt house owner, 1926 in Waltershausen
Werner Lang, brewery- and malt house owner, 1948 in Waltershausen and Mellrichstadt
Thomas Lang, malt house owner, 1963 in Mellrichstadt
Peter Lang, brewer journeyman, 1977 in Waltershausen